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This report provides a handbook for professionals in the business of corporate responsibility: the what, why, who and how of making business more responsive and responsible, delivering both values and value. Corporate responsibility (CR) is no longer a nice idea for lifestyle businesses – it is a pathway to resilience, talent development, product and service innovation, and business future-proofing.

In Part A – embedding activities, we look at the core activities associated with developing and implementing corporate responsibility. Each chapter addresses a distinct set of embedding activities, with practical tips on getting started, and perspectives from leading companies on their experiences.

Embedding CR in business demands a thoughtful process to ensure CR awareness, tools and thinking are present and active in normal company operations, and not a bolt-on or afterthought. The main CR-related activities we cover are:

Identifying the issues - Recognising what CR means for your company; identifying material issues most relevant to your business, your stakeholders and your impacts.

Engaging with stakeholders
- Getting to know and understand the people – including employees, neighbours, customers, suppliers, markets and thought leaders – who have an impact on your business and an interest in corporate responsibility.

Making the business case - Uncovering the ways in which CR can help deliver business value, through risk reduction and opportunity creation.

Goals and targets - Making clear performance commitments, and working out how you will measure progress.

Your road map - Developing a plan with a defined timeline to help your business achieve its corporate responsibility – and business – goals.

Internal processes - Using systems, practices, standards and behaviours to meet your goals.

Communication - Communicating throughout the embedding process, to create a shared understanding and build awareness.

In Part B – the case studies, we explore a handful of leading companies whose CR experiences demonstrate what works best, how value can be added from CR, and how to make the most of a good CR programme…

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